Friday, October 19, 2012

Two Developments

Development #1

Much to my surprise on Wednesday, Ryan received a fairly large package.  But neither of us recognized the name on the return label and it was sealed with zebra-print duct tape. 
That's odd.
Ryan proceeded to open up the box.  Harkening back the anthrax days of 2001, I decided to step away.  Ryan jokingly said, "What if it's a bomb?!!" And I took another step back.  Or two.  
Ryan - "What are you stepping away for?"
Me - "Well, what if it is a bomb?"
Ryan - "Oh my."

From a few feet away, I watched Ryan open up the package and pull out an Apple charging cord.  
Hmm..this is really odd.  My mind began to wonder if somehow we'd been sent someone else's package.  
Ryan proceeded to pull out an Apple laptop and I was really perplexed.  
What if this is someone else's package?? 
Then I remembered that it specifically had Ryan's name on it.  
It was meant for Ryan.
Then I started putting the pieces together.  
"Baby, is this for us?....Baby, did you order this?? this for real?? IS IT??? IS IT???" 
Ryan - "It's your Mac."
Me - *Vigorous jumping up and down and assaulting of Ryan*

So, that whole story is to say that I've officially joined the world of Mac-users.  And I'm pretty excited about it.  

Maybe I should get an Apple sticker for my car.  

Hmm..but then I might feel compelled to wear dark plastic-rimmed glasses, go to Starbucks every afternoon, wear skinny jeans all the time, and trade the Volvo for a Prius.  

Hmm...I think I'll pass.  This one seems more appropriate...

Development #2

As it was previously mentioned, Ryan and I are huge fans of Amazing Race.  We recently found out that CBS is accepting applications for the next season through November 7th.  So, we have decided to throw our hat into the ring (nod to our political climate) for the 23rd season of Amazing Race.  

We will be working on our application video soon, and we would love your ideas on what would make a good video!  Please share.  

That's all for now.  


Keeping Calm to Carry On said...

Congrats! And Welcome! I am so excited for you and love your sense of concern turned to excited assault! And I love how your tell stories and I love that your man loves you in such real, tangible ways.

And I can't wait to see your video! I somehow think it will involve the chickens ;)

Fred Cowan said...

On your quest to get on "The Amazing Race", the following link might be able to help you!!!!

Good Luck!!!!!

Lindsey Wood said...

Thanks, Fred!! We appreciate the tip!! Take care.