Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Reason Why I L.O.V.E. being an Oodling

One of the supreme joys of having nephews and nieces is Oodling over the sweet babes.  ("Oodling" is an official term, defined officially as "the action of hysterical hugging, cheek-pinching, laughing, and at times, arm-flapping, erupting from feelings of pure adoration and soul-quaking excitement.")
Ryan and I are so blessed to have three nephews.  They are the cutest and sweetest children. Ever.  
But you know, we're biased.  
I'm sure you feel that way about your nieces, nephews, or children.  As you should.

But, I must say, my soul was particularly delighted today getting to see (in person or in pictures) our precious nephews in their Halloween costumes. 

Here are the lads with their parents...

The Barkers were trick-or-treating with Tigger.

The force be with you, Max. (Dressed as Yoda)

The Burkes just monkeying around.

I was in a complete state of Oodling paralysis.  
And can't you see why?!?!! Quite the predicament.  
Ryan fanned my face and gave me bowlfuls of ice cream to eat...I eventually pulled through intact.  

Have you experienced Oodling over your nephews??  Nieces?  Precious children of your own?  What did they dress as for Halloween?  

Some things in life are just too rich for words. 

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Rochelle said...

Ohmygosh - I love this!! I love your definition of "oodling". So true. Can't get enough of it. We are all biased but it's okay, just as it should be. :)

Glad you pulled through intact though. Heehee!