Monday, February 17, 2014

Back from Brazil

Hello friends,

Ryan and I are pretty much settled back in at home after our time in Brazil.  It was a great trip.  We feel grateful for the opportunity to have joined such a great team and to learn with them while working alongside the missionaries as well as many other Brazilians and Peruvians.  The missionaries - Wilson and Lori Kannenberg - and others there work tirelessly for the Lord.  I was so challenged by how intentionally and intensely they love others and point others to Christ.  It is my prayer that I may grow in that regard.  

We are also very grateful for the outpouring of prayer, monetary donations, and gifts/supplies given to us to take to Brazil.  Know that your giving resulted in - 

Bibles in hands that may have never held one of their own
Sunday School materials for churches who previously may not have had a children's program
Food for over a hundred seminary students whose pantry did not hold enough food for the rest of the month
A stove and washing machine for a pastor's family who holds a Christian preschool in their home.  
School Uniforms for all the children attending that preschool.
Additional finances for the missionaries to finish ongoing projects (plane hangar, boat, etc.) at their discretion
Reading glasses for many who needed them 
Tooth brushes in the hands of many adults and children
Little girls and women with bows and flowers in their hair

Without saying a lot more, I want to go ahead and share a few pictures of the time Ryan and I spent in southern Brazil.  I had some trouble loading the video montage of the mission trip on here, so I'll post it on Facebook at a later time...oh the teaser!  :)

 At the Redondo Falls

The Redondo Falls

The Acaba Vida Falls

MILES of farms

Reconnecting with old friends