The Chicks

Allow me to introduce you....

We have often been asked about our chickens - how they're doing, if they have names, what breeds they are, etc., etc.   We have pictures of each of them as just wee little chicks (snapped back in March).  So let me take a moment to introduce you to our girls...

The Barred Rocks
(Barred Plymouth Rock)
Low Maintenance, Mello, and the 
leaders of the pack...errr...brood. 

Meet Betsy.  She's super sweet and inquisitive.  She's one of our favorites because she allows us to pet her chest.   When we bring out food for the girls, she's leading the charge toward us.   

Meet Izzy.  She is a dear one.  Izzy is mello and friendly.  She gets along with all of the other chickens very well.  And she isn't afraid of a hearty meal either...when the dinner bell's a-ringin', Izzy comes a-runnin'! 

Oh, Mrs. Butterworth.  Named for that iconic figure of syrupy goodness, Mrs. Butterworth lives up to her name.  Sweet yet stout, she is a hen to be reckoned with. She loves to roost on the coop door at dusk (a big no-no!).  More often than not, we have to usher her in when it's time to close the coop door at night.  

The Reds
(Rhode Island Reds)
While they enjoy status as the Rhode Island state bird, 
our Reds are more often spastic than stately.  

Meet Lucy.  Yes, after that famous redhead, our Lucy is often found in hysterics - squawking or running in circles. If only we had some Vitameatavegamin to 
fix all of her issues.  
  Chicken RUNNNN!!!

Penelope. Cute, Yes. Intelligent? It's questionable.  Continually on the move, she doesn't know if she's coming or going.  We often find her at the back of the brood, following the other girls around.  

And here is Ramona.  Unfortunately, Ramona often gets lost in the shuffle.  She hangs pretty closely with the others and sometimes seems to be weary of us.  Don't assume, however, that she is quiet.  Ramona has been known to cause quite the clucking commotion.  

The Buffs
(Buff Orpington)
An English class of bird, these 
high maintenance Brits are often the 
first ones to cluck at any hint of drama.  

Pippa.  Beautiful and youthful, she attracts attention wherever she goes.   Her plummage is admired by all, but her animated behavior may leave some questioning her maturity. 

Oh, Mrs. Bennet.  She is always bumbling and clucking about something, much like her namesake from my beloved Pride and Prejudice.  Her foolish antics may grow tiresome to others in the hen house, but I find them strangely endearing.  

And for your reading pleasure, a classic Mrs. Bennet quote from P&P - 
"Nobody can tell what I suffer! -- But it is always so. Those who do not complain are never pitied."


(Lady) Sibyl - Independent yet elegant in her demeanor, she shares much in common with her Downton Abbey counterpart.  

The Easter Eggers
(AKA The Bearded Ladies)
Though not technically a breed, we believe
these chickens trace their origin to Araucanas,
 a breed of Chilean chicken that lays blue eggs.

Florencia and Catalina round out the diversity of our brood.  These Latinas are intelligent, scruffy, and sometimes aloof.  As a wee chick, Catalina had a pecking problem.  If you go to gather one of her blue, green, or pink eggs, beware!

And here are three of the ladies today - Mrs. Bennet (left), Penelope (front), and Florencia (right).  

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