Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We are on our way home.  *Sigh*

Ryan and I have spent the last five days traveling to, from, and all around Eastern Pennsylvania.  Time to travel is definitely one of the perks of farmers being self-employed.  When the work is done (or at a stopping point), then the farmers (and their wives) can play.  I have loved every minute, every rolling hill, of it.  I look forward to sharing more about the trip in posts to come. 

But tonight, as we watch the golden glow of the corn roll by in the evening sunlight, I can’t help but feel a bit sentimental.  Equal parts grateful, weary, and melancholy.  It is usually this way for me – grateful for such a rich time with my beloved. Weary from endless hours in the car.  A nagging melancholy about the fun being over and going back to my routine.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my routine and my everyday stuff.  But at the end of trips, or other highly-anticipated events, I feel like a child called in for bedtime in the middle of catching fireflies with his friends on a summer night.  I just don’t want the fun to end. 

Inevitably the end of our journey occurs in the evening as the sun is setting.   It is just another poignant reminder that our trip, this chapter of memories and delightfulness, is coming to a close.  These sentiments are a reminder of how special, how deeply felt, the experiences were.  And for that I feel grateful and satisfied.  These feelings also remind me that we were made for the eternal – to live without endings.  God has set eternity in our hearts.  And I look forward to that Day when there will be no more endings.  When we will be in the presence of Jesus and know the fullness of joy.  But until then, Ecclesiastes 3:11 reminds us, “He has made everything beautiful in its time." 

What has He made beautiful in your life? What makes you sentimental? 

For me - Christ has made the Pennsylvania trip beautiful in its time. 

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