Sunday, July 29, 2012

We've Got Eggs!

It was a usual evening - taking chicken feed and water into the coop for the girls before nightfall.  Earlier in the afternoon I had heard some awfully loud clucking coming from the coop - what our veterinarian friends said was a sure sign of a hen laying an egg.  So I decided to look around a bit...and then I spotted it...a small, but perfectly smooth brown egg!  Then I saw the second one!  The girls had been busy!

I felt like Charlie finding the golden ticket!...

*singing and dancing* "I've got a golden ticket!  I've got a golden twinkle in my eye! 'Cause I've got a golden ticket...It's a golden day!!" 

I feel like we should throw them a coming out party...a Quinceanara...a debutante ball!! Our girls are no longer chicks...they're HENS!!!

Here are the pretty little eggs - 

AND...for some bigger news...

The chickens have their own Twitter feed!  Yep, that's right! You can follow all the drama and hoopla moment by moment!
You'll find the Wood Cluckers at @HenHouseHoopla.  


Kristin said...

i love your blog, lin! thanks for doing this! it's so fun reading and knowing what's going on with the Wood "family" (hens & all!) over there!

Love you!

Sandra Fleming said...

Yay! So excited for you guys to have eggs now. I will live vicariously through you since we are not allowed to have chickens in the city limits. Have a great week!