Monday, October 8, 2012

The Things Boys Do

Boys like to do fast things....

With powerful machines....

That push the limit...
*Enter the Four-Wheeler*

To celebrate Ryan's 30th birthday, I joined Ryan and his friend, Erik, for some four-wheeling  at Finger Lakes State Park north of Columbia, Missouri.  The day was gorgeous - sunny, 60's, the leaves were just changing - Autumn was showing off.  

Ryan was pumped and primed.  I, on the other hand, was probably the color of dirty dishwater and had no fingernails to speak of once we arrived at the park.  Oh boy, I was nervous.  Now this could have had something to do with the fact that I had only driven a four-wheeler once before.  Ever.  In my life.  Yes, just once.  We call this learning through immersion.   

Ryan reviewed with me how to turn on...(yes, I didn't know) the beast.  We reviewed basic maneuvers and of course, I became very friendly with the brake.  Hello, Brake, you're my new best friend. (Just a side note to say that at this specific point my bladder control, and dignity, were seriously in question...)

This is the look of terror...
And check out the helmet...I look like Darth Vader's daughter.    

Luke, I am your sister. *labored Vader breathing*

But I digress...

Here's Ry - 
My fearless leader.

So anyway, we took a test run, went back to meet Erik, I whispered a final prayer for mercy, and we were off........


The boys graciously didn't go too fast and they allowed me to be in the middle of the pack.  We went over rocks, downed trees, over and down hills that I seriously thought were not possible for a four-wheeler to run.  
 (It only appears as though I'm going to hit the tree)

Oh...and then there were the mud holes.  
I L.O.V.E.D. the mud holes.  


Because it felt pretty cool to go through and throw up such a nasty splash.  But most importantly...I knew when I was going through a mud hole that I wasn't going to roll, flip, or hit a tree.  
For the briefest of moments my heart was at ease.  

Here Ryan and Erik are showing what they're made of...

And taking a quick break to repair my flag...

By the evening we had traversed what had to have been miles of trails but what was really only 1/3 to 1/2 of the park.  

We decided to call it quits and head home.  

All in all, I made it out in one piece...without a stretcher.  
And it was fun.  Really fun.  

I guess I kinda like the things boys do.  

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