Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Checked Off

Within the last week, two things have been checked off our To-Do list.  

First, last Wednesday, Ryan and his dad finished harvest.  

This always precedes a big sigh of satisfaction and relief.  While farmers do love harvest, they also like having it finished with the crops in the bin or sold.  
For farm wives, the end of harvest heralds the return of your beloved from the field....the end of the super long hours...more dinners and evenings together...happiness.  

So long, Harvest, we'll see ya next fall.  

Second, we completed our Amazing Race application video.  We had a blast...seriously - A BLAST - making the video with Ryan's sister and brother-in-law, Laura and Brandon.  We got to visit them this past weekend in northern Illinois.  We laughed, joked, pondered, laughed some more....and that was just breakfast.  They were exceedingly gracious hosts and producers of our video.  

Here are a couple still photos captured from our video...

If we do make it on the Amazing Race...you'll be the first...well, maybe 12th, to know. 

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Valerie said...

Congrats! Wish we could check harvest off our list too. I made Matt attempt to calculate acres left and it's still 360-ish and just found out there's another combine problem.