Sunday, March 5, 2017

6 months and counting!!!

As with so many things these days, finding time to complete a blog update has been challenging. Both Ryan and I have been working on this particular update for over two weeks. We meant to share the update on August 20, marking exactly six months home. But as they say, better late than never...
So where to begin? It's certainly hard to believe Ivan has been home for 6 months now.  Let's see who can decipher some things Ivan says?  
High bibe
good dob
boomba (this has a double meaning.)  

I'll translate in a bit...

Since our last update, we've had some highlights (in no particular order):

If Ivan allowed it, Christmas would be a multi-day event, just to unwrap his presents. When he would unwrap a present, he would be enthralled with it for an extended period of time. You'd think we were twisting his arm to open another gift. :) He was also able to meet all of his cousins and aunts and uncles.      This was truly a joy to see. "Jingle Bells" became a seasonal favorite. When he's in a good mood, we still hear a little jingle...especially if he picks up the tambourine or maracas.

 Picking out our Christmas tree...this one was a three-fer...two larger main branches and one baby branch all coming from one seemed perfect for our family this year!

Some people would be horrified that a parent would allow their 2 year old child to drive a massive, high horsepower, dust making machine.  He has mastered it though.  Full of confidence and able to overcome any obstacle in his path.

 He loves to pick up sticks! And pose for pictures! :)

Back in December, Lindsey and I decided we'd try to take a trip to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  We wound up in Florida last month!  After our last flying experience with Ivan, we were understandably uneasy about revisiting that, but, once again, our boy was the star of the day!  He charmed our fellow flyers around us, we should of known.  FYI to any parents of toddlers out there, you can check a stroller or carseat for free on any domestic airline!

Once at our rental house, we took Ivan to the beach before sunset.  It was pretty breezy and a little cool, so first impressions were undetermined.


The following days consisted of scooping sand into a bucket, pouring it out, scooping more sand into the same bucket, pouring it out, more scooping, more dumping, repeat.........

He was one happy beach boy

We are slowly making progress toward potty training. Ivan does an excellent job sitting on the potty, wiping, and pretending to flush. He pretty much has the process down except actually going the potty. :) 
Looks like he's got it down, eh?!

Ivan experienced another first...his first trip to the hospital ER. In the early morning hours one Sunday, Ivan experienced a febrile seizure.  It was very frightening for all of us, but thankfully we were both in his room when it occurred. It was discovered he had bronciolitis and an ear infection. After leaving the hospital, we stopped at McDonalds and Ivan ate hotcakes with the best of 'em. He rebounded from the entire ordeal very well and you wouldn't have even known he was under the weather. 

   We can't get enough of watching our precious boy pray with such fervor and earnestness.  We pray he may always have a closeness with and readiness to talk to Jesus. 
   Enjoying Ivan's affection! Ivan is a hugger, kisser, and high-fiver. He is quick to give a kiss to Mommy and loves wrestling with Daddy.  He continues his friendship with Lambie, BearBear, and Moose.
   Watching Ivan's love for tractors and all-things with wheels. He is instinctively drawn to anything he can drive, and loves to ride along with Daddy on the farm. 

Ivan will be having surgery on Tuesday on his left arm. He will be in a cast for six weeks, followed by a removable brace for a number of months. We would appreciate prayers for a safe and successful surgery, quick recovery, and great outcome. 

You've waited for interpretation of our Ivan-isms...
High vibe - HIGH FIVE
homem - HOME
good dob - GOOD JOB!
hoomm - PLEASE!
boomba (this has a double meaning.)  - BE BACK! or DIAPER

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Ela said...

This is so sweet. I'm so happy he's showing you physical affection :). He sounds like such a sweet boy and it sounds like he's adjusting really well. Praising God for the way he's working in your family.