Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two months home

Two months seems like a flash, but China seems like an eternity ago.  I don't know if it would be possible for Ivan to be doing any I type this he's there's room for improvement at this moment...

As I'd mentioned in a previous blog, Ivan has been favoring Lindsey, which is a good thing.  He is saying some words like Dada and Mama, Thank you, and more.  He sings songs to us like Jesus loves you, We will rock you, and the ABCs.  Though you have to pick up the tune, because the words aren't discernible.  He can also count to 10, but it's the same word for 1-6, then 7 is a two syllable mumble, 8 & 9 are the same word as 1-6, but 10 is an excited squeal!

He loves having visitors and being around other people.  Lindsey and Ivan have gotten out and about more in the last month.  We've been to church as a family 3 times now and he's done awesome every time.  We do need to work on being quiet though...2 out of 3 services were good.

An update from previous blogs on Ivan's car sickness.  After the second car seat cleanup session, we decided to place his seat in the middle of the back seat and we also tried little wristbands (called Seabands) which have a hard dot in one spot which is supposed to push a pressure point in the wrist to ease nausea.  One or both of them was successful.  Ivan hasn't vomited in the car since and he wants to put the wristbands on whenever he gets in his seat now.  He's likes routines.

Last weekend Lindsey had her 10 year college reunion in Indiana, which many of her close friends would be attending.  We struggled with the decision of whether or not Ivan was ready for a road trip and sleeping in a different crib/home.  He wasn't phased one bit.  Played with his cousins and slept nearly as good as he did at home.  Whenever we have fear of exposing Ivan to something new, we try it and he does exceptionally well.  He's amazing!

Since harvest has been in full swing for the last month, I haven't been able to see Ivan as much as I'd like.  Maybe a couple hours a day at the most, unless Lin and Ivan come by for a farm visit, which they've been doing.  There have been a few times where Lin has left Ivan with me on the farm for a few hours if she has some errands or an appointment she needs to go to.  It leaves Ivan in tears every time, which I struggle to understand why.  We're always happy at home together, but anytime Lindsey leaves, the world is ending.  Mentally, I know he is heavily attached to Lindsey, she has been meeting nearly all of his needs since we arrived home, but he sees me at home, I prepare some of his meals and bath him, change clothes, diapers, play, etc.  Emotionally though it can be hurtful at times.  I realize he is doing nothing intentional and we do have a lot of fun together most of the time.  As I was sitting in church a few weeks ago, my mind drifted slightly away from the sermon...true confessions...I was thinking about how I wanted Ivan to desire to be with me and not be afraid of me or at least minimize the fear of being without Lindsey every moment.  Time is what we need together, I realize this, it's just a bad time of the year for that to happen consistently.  My mind then began to parallel those thoughts with God.  He is a good Father.  He loves his sons and daughters.  But so many of us don't seek Him or want to be with Him.  I actually think I've caught a glimpse of some of the sadness God might feel because we, as His children, don't seek Him or acknowledge Him as we should.  Me included.  He desires to be in our lives, just as I desire to be in Ivan's, but neither He nor I can force our children to desire our presence or involvement in their lives.  Thankfully in my case, this is just a season, but in God's case, it can be eternity.

Some highlights from the past two months:
Helping on the Farm
Testing moisture of the corn

 Unloading the semi

Dinner in the field

First solo semi ride with Daddy

Visits with grandparents, cousins, and family

Family weiner roast

Celebrating Daddy's birthday

Ivan's first haircut

A customer-in-training at HyVee

Time at Taylor with friends

 Ivan and Mommy being showered by some of Mommy's nearest and dearest from college


M Blucker said...

The attachment to mommy is normal even for naturally born babies and especially with a stay at home mommy. We noticed that with all 3 of our girls but especially Em since I was working from home when she arrived.

Ela said...

Thank you for sharing your perspective on your desire for Ivan to want to spend time with you and how God desires the same thing. Although my boys prefer me, they do love to see their dad. Praying for you all.