Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Surgery Day

It's incredible how many emotions the human heart can simultaneously experience. Following Ivan's surgery, we felt grateful, concerned, exhausted, and relieved. 
Ivan on the other hand just felt pretty miserable. 

Monday late afternoon we headed down to St. Louis.  We enjoyed a delicious meal at Dewey's Pizza, which we highly recommend!  Ivan was a big fan of the chef who kept throwing pizza rings at the window!

We arrived at the hospital early on Tuesday and had an incredibly smooth surgery prep. Ivan was a pro and seemed fairly relaxed given the surroundings, lack of food, and new experiences. We were so grateful that Ryan was able to take Ivan back to the OR. Ivan gave Mommy hugs and a kiss and went back to the OR with Daddy and Lambie.  

Ivan was in surgery for approximately an hour and a half, then was in recovery for about half an hour before we were able to see him. 

Ivan was pretty upset when we arrived in his recovery room. It was pretty clear he didn't feel well. It became apparent moments later that he did not like his cast...not one bit.  He kept asking for it to come off. When we told him that it had to stay on for a while, he just dissolved into more tears.  While it was of little consolation to Ivan at the time, Lambie came out of surgery with a matching red cast. Due to the anesthetic and pain medications, Ivan kept drifting in and out of sleep. He was able to drink a juice box and a couple crackers...however, they later came up all over Mommy. More tears. The surgeon reported that the surgery was very successful and we have every reason to believe that Ivan's wrist will experience greater function in the coming months and years. 

When Ivan had calmed down, we were released and headed home with a popcorn bowl for possible future vomiting. Ivan slept most of the trip home. We encouraged him to eat a little ice cream (hospital's suggestion to relieve the throat irritation he experienced due to being intubated) and macaroni and cheese (his fave). He did eat a bit of both...but alas, both made a reappearance as we were driving...unfortunately the popcorn bowl was a bit late in making it to the scene, so Ivan's carseat caught the brunt. 

We eventually made it home, much to everyone's relief. Ivan was quite subdued, but enjoyed his cars and track. Ivan did eat some dinner. But I'm sure you can guess what happened next...Yep, it came back up. 

Ivan seemed to be about 90% of his usual joyful self today. We've had some precious moments with him, and he continues to astound us with his grit and adaptability.  Ivan jumped on his sit-and-spin this morning and twirled with one hand.  He also prayed before breakfast with his usual fervor. 

We would appreciate continued prayers for Ivan's recovery, healing of his arm, and greater motion and function. We are appreciative of the thoughtful calls, messages, and cards from family and friends. 


Ela said...

I'm so thankful they could do the surgery, I've been thinking and praying about this since we talked in October. We'll continue praying as you asked. God is so amazing in what he provides.

Lindsey Wood said...

Thanks so much, Ela!!❤️