Monday, August 8, 2016

Gotcha Day!

It's THE day!  The day every parent anticipates.  The day that you know is coming, but it doesn't really feel real or possible.  The day that doesn't officially have a specific title or name.  It's the day you become a parent.  How in the world does that happen?!  You go from doing your own thing, caring about when you're hungry or tired and being fairly self centered about it, to being fully responsible for the life of another person who is completely dependent on you for their needs.  It is crazy how that transition can unfold.
To get everybody up to speed...Lin and I had the final sleep in day that we expect for who knows how many was nice.  We watched the same weightlifting competition 3 times in a couple hours where a chinese guy lifted over 370# for the gold medal...apparently China is excited about their weightlifters.  Yahtzee!!!  
Got ready to go to the bank to exchange some bucks.  When we arrived there, a shady fellow wanted to exchange our money for the bank.  Apparently it was legit, but still seemed odd to Lin and me, so we gladly waited the 30 min for our turn at the window.  All went well.
I took my wife out to a gourmet lunch, just for the two of us at the golden arches.  After last nights peculiar beef and potatoes that was hot enough to peel paint off a car, a double quarter pounder with cheese sounded pretty amazing.  And it was!

A short while later our driver met us at the hotel lobby.  It was time.  We were a little early, but nothing major.  We arrived at the Civil Affairs office around 3:10, but it didn't open until 3:30.  I looked around and saw the closed door, with no chairs outside, then I heard a gasp from Lin.  I turned and looked down the hall and saw a little boy with two nannies next to him.  We recognized him immediately.  Then we didn't know what to do, our interpreter wasn't there yet and there weren't any officials it ok to see him?  Is it like seeing the bride before the wedding?  We didn't ask twice, kneeling next to him and the nannies, you would have thought he was on a photo shoot as the new centerfold.  
He didn't seem scared of us, but his caretakers were also very close still.  We played in the hallway for a few minutes before everyone arrived, then we entered the office and started signing papers.

Ivan seemed content to sit on Lindsey's or my laps, but he was sure to look around for the nannies while doing it.  After about 30 minutes of more signing and information confirming we set out for the supermarket.  Picked up a few things and headed to the hotel.  While back at the ranch there was a little ball through and truck personal favorite, then it was supper time!  A deliciously bland cup of rice cereal was on the menu and he ate it like a champ!  We mixed in a little fruit packet at times which also seemed acceptable, though not as desirable.  

Bath time was went as planned, he was the one who got wet and soapy.  There were a few moments of close tears, but all hearts rejoiced in the end.  A couple books were read and the eyes were getting heavy...but not as effortlessly as we'd hoped.  He never fussed, but I think was just very curious of his new surroundings and people.
Tomorrow morning we'll go back to the civil affairs office and sign the final papers.  He is a beautiful little boy!
It still is beyond words to me how God has orchestrated this whole encounter.  He knew Ivan would be our son.  He knew the prayers we'd pray and how He would delight in answering them.  God is faithful and He is real!


Ela said...

Praise God!! What a scary but remarkable adventure you have before you.

Koinonia Kronicler said...

Thanks for sharing. It is a gift to all of us that you share this journey with us!

Keeping Calm to Carry On said...

It is great to hear this from Ryan's perspective! And the last photo is jut the best - look at those smiles! Lin, great outfit & motherhood looks good on you!

Peg said...

Your first family photo is so beautiful!

Lg said...

The tears are flowing over here. Love you all!