Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A case of the giggles...

Today our boy shined.  There was nothing particularly special about today. In fact, it was quite uneventful. But for precisely this reason, he was free to be himself. With almost nowhere to be, nothing we had to, no set agenda, all three of us meandered through today, being sure to keep the cornerstones of nap, meal, and bath times in place. And it was delightful to see his little spirit shine. Smiles and laughter were bountiful. 

This morning we took our time cuddling with Ivan in bed, eating cheerios, and Face-timing family. At breakfast we met another adoptive family, far more seasoned than us with eight children (most adopted) already at home. Then we played in our room before taking a stroll around the island and playing on a playground. Ivan loved running around and playing around the other children.  There were many groups of adults dancing, practicing Tai Chi, and singing around the island park.  

After lunch and a long nap, we headed out to what's commonly known as the Pearl Market to pick up a small item for me. We had been there previously with our group and guide, but I had decided later what I really wanted - a small pearl charm to add to a necklace my parents gave me right before our trip here. 

Upon returning to our hotel, Ivan continued to savor just playing with us in the room. At 4:30PM we met our guide who had Ivan's visa and passport along with some immigration paperwork ready for us.  We can officially head home!!

On the small walk back to our hotel from meeting our guide, we noticed Ryan was being not-so-secretly included in the selfie of a girl walking just ahead of us. Ryan noticed too, and as she was taking the shot he gave a big wink! ;) The girl was caught and just started laughing. We offered to get her picture with Ryan (who as carrying Ivan) and she and two friends excitedly accepted! 

It was more noodles for dinner, playing, then bath time. Before bed Ryan kept throwing Ivan in the air. Sweet boy can't get enough of it. And I think Ivan liked it too! ;) Here's a peak -

Tomorrow morning we pack up and start the slow journey home, via Hong Kong. We are excited to get home and settle Ivan in. 

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Sara McClammer said...

Those sweet giggles! So awesome. Ivan is precious.