Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Driving in the Snow

One of the particular privileges of living in the country is driving to and from work.  I love me some rural roads in the summer...windows down and sunroof wide open.  But in the winter it's a different story.  

In general I have a love-hate relationship with my drive to work.  I love it in the morning, except when I have to be somewhere particularly early.  I dislike it in the evening, except on those really stressful days when I need my mind and surroundings to be silent for awhile.  As it is for those who live in the city, commuting for me has been complicated by our recent snow and winter weather.  

Don't get me wrong...I love the snow.  If it's got to be cold, then bring on the snow.  But it does present some significant challenges when trying to travel.  

Back in late December we had a considerable snow, and I left work early on a Thursday in order to get home before it got really bad.  I had the same thing happen just this past Thursday.  After arriving home last week I began to compare the two experiences.  

While visibility was particularly problematic during the December drive, I followed a snow plow nearly the entire way home.  It was an interesting experience - I was actually fifth in a line of cars behind the snow plow.  And I think we were all pretty happy to be there.  While there were moments of blowing snow which entirely concealed the car just yards in front of me, I could almost always see the elevated flashing lights of the plow.  And I had a sense of calm despite the whirlwind around me.  The plow knew the way and was clearing the path for us.  

And it made me think of Jesus.  How through craziness and confusion, the blizzards of life, He asks us to follow Him.  To trust His leadership through those situations which are troubling...terrifying... uncertain...or even mundane.  He has promised to be with us always - as our Savior, but also as our Friend and our Peace.  

The snow plow reminded me of something important - I don't always have to know the path.  I just have to know the One who does.  And follow Him very closely.  
Funny, He even called himself The Way.    

I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus, Quoted in John 14:6. 

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