Sunday, February 10, 2013

Da...Da...DaWHAT?? Dahinda!!

Ryan planned a short trip to celebrate our anniversary...but it was a surprise!  All I knew was that we would be driving and that our destination would be 3-4 hours away.  One might think that really narrows the field, but a four hour radius around Sutter really does provide numerous possibilities.

Branson, Galena, Southern Illinois, Kansas City, St. Louis...these had all crossed my mind.  But after heading north and meandering through rural roads, these slowly got crossed off my mental list of possibilities.   

Eventually, we hung a left at a sign for "Dahinda". 

Again...more rural roads...then we came to Dahinda...Da WHAT?!? Dahinda.  

We drove through THE Dahinda (which left something to be desired) and right up to a quaint farmstead tucked back into the base of a few small hills.  

*Still perplexed*
We're at someone else's house.  Hmm...???

Ryan pulled up to the sweet red barn (below)..."We're here!"

Long and short of it...The Barn was built by the owners as a bunk house.  It is a "peg barn", meaning its frame was built without the use of nails - only wooden pegs.  It was later converted into a Bed & Breakfast.  

Here's a glimpse into the "horse stall kitchen" complete with an ice box and working vintage gas stove.  

 The upstairs loft had sleeping for at least 9.  

After getting our bearings in "The Barn", we enjoyed some time in neighboring towns - we went line dancing (Ryan is the boot-scootin' master) and to a hockey game.  Ryan and I decided that 97% of hockey players have some sort of anger issue.  

All in all, the entire trip was refreshing.  It gave us an opportunity to reflect on the past year - all the Lord has done in our lives - we have so much for which we are grateful.  Our time at the Barn also provided time to pray and think about the coming year.  

Da Barn in Dahinda will always have a special place in da hearts of da Woods.  


Rochelle said...

Dat's da bomb diggity, yo! :) Glad you had a special getaway!!

Keeping Calm to Carry On said...

I am increasingly impressed with Ryan's ability to surprise! First the Mac and now a weekend getaway. Love it! So happy you have such a loving man!

Lindsey Wood said...

Rose, Me too! :) I hope you and Scott are doing well!!