Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wrapping up & Gearing up

August has come to a close and we are at the doorstep of Labor Day - what the young and young-at-heart recognize as the end of summer as we know it.  
Auf Wiedersehen to long evenings and endless sunshine.  
Good-bye to that carefree, laid-back attitude.
Hasta La vista, Baby, to beach balls and swim suits.  

I'll miss you, Summer.  *sniff*

*ugly cry*


Ryan and I are bidding summer "adieu" with his family on a vacation in gorgeous, yet quaint Galena, Illinois.  However, to kick off the weekend, on Friday, the boys all took part in the Nascar driving experience in Joliet, Illinois.  Here are a few pics of the fast-paced feat.


He was a pretty happy lover-of-fast & powerful-things afterwards.  His lap average was 145.7 mph.  

And since then, we've been chill-axing, sight-seeing, applesauce-making, boating, and celebrating two very special birthdays (Ryan's sister, Carrie, and Brother-in-law, Bill).  Did I mention we've been eating scotcharoos??  Those very wrong, but wrong in a right-sort of way, peanut-buttery, corn-syrupy, rice-krispie, chocolate & butterscotch-topped decadent morsels.  (Just a side note - Scotcharoos should really have their own Facebook page...or the U.S. should celebrate Scotcharoo Day.  Just sayin'...they're that good.)

Where was I??  I lost myself in the Scotcharoo goodness.  

oh yes...
So last week before we left for all of this fun, Ryan and his dad started Harvest. 

Ask any Ol' Timer, and he'll pull out his tooth pick and put in his dentures to tell you that this is one early harvest.  Last year all the talk was about the early harvest in September!  Who knew this year we'd have combines in the field in August!!!  

So as vacations and fun in the sun wrap up, we are gearing up for the rest of harvest.
And of course, for all of those things that *are Autumn*.

hay-rack rides. 
crisp air.
hot apple cider.  
football games.
snuggling under blankets.
combine lights in the cornfield at night.

Oh, Autumn, how I've missed you.    

So long, Summa!!!

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Ela said...

Did you make the scotcheroos? Where's the recipe? ;)

When are you gonna get behind the wheel of a NASCAR?