Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Harvest Hoedown

Leaves are changing, the weather's coolin',
Fall's a-comin' 'roun'.
Sit back for a lesson in rural (Agri) culture,
It's time for the harvest hoedown.

Swing your farmer to the combine,
This giant Transformer is key.
Pick your head - either corn or bean,
Then headin' to the field you'll be.

But don't get ahead or jump to fast, 
some jargon you must know - 
Corn is "shelled" and beans are "cut",
it depends on the seed you sow.  

The combine does three things in one-
it reaps, threshes and winnows.
Separating grain from chaff,
we could all sing along with banjos.  

Now it's time for the tractor promenade - 

The combine bows to the wagon.
The wagon curtsy's back.
With a turn and a twist, and a do-si-do,
The grain is transferred - whack!! 

The tractor pulls the wagon full,
to its new partner in this jubilee.
The wagon alongside the semi runs
to auger off its bounty of botany.

The semi, not such a nimble thing,
Is next in our autumn dance.
It takes the grain to a bin or elevator,
to keep while the price will enhance! (hopefully!)

These steps repeat many times each day.
The farmers spin and the farmers sway.
'Til headin' home real late each night,
Little sleep is the farmers' blight.  

Kissin' their wives, g'mornin' and g'night.  
The farmer is busy and always a-flight! 
Doin' this dance, they can't slow down,
Runnin' to do the Harvest Hoedown!

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