Sunday, January 24, 2016

Not too much of an update...

Being on the tail-end of January, Ryan and I have often reflected in the past couple weeks how we thought we would be preparing to travel to China in the coming days. As with so many things, the timing hasn't turned out how we anticipated.  We continue to wait to be matched, and once we do know the identity of Baby Wood, we will travel approximately two months later.  

Our only update is that we have opened our criteria to include a young boy in addition to a young girl. We had previously expressed preference for a girl, merely because we were concerned for the plight of girls and envisioned a girl when we started the process. Historically, the majority of children adopted from China have been girls. However, in recent months and years, this trend is shifting dramatically and there is a significant need for boys to be welcomed into loving homes. Because we don't feel strongly called to a specific gender, we feel like broadening our criteria puts more control in God's hands.  Ultimately, we just want the precious little one God has planned for our family.  

Please continue to pray for our little one waiting across the world for us, for his/her caretakers, his/her birth mother and father, and for us. 

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