Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Amazing Race FAQs

1. What is the Amazing Race - Adoption Edition?

The Amazing Race - Adoption Edition is a local take on the show, The Amazing Race, aired on CBS. On the TV show teams of two race around the world doing challenges at each place which reflect the culture and community of that location.  The Amazing Race - Adoption Edition is a local spin on the race. Expect challenges and tasks at sites around the Quincy or Hancock county communities. 

2. How much physical activity will the Amazing Race include?

The Amazing Race is NOT a running race.  Let me repeat - the Amazing Race is not a running race. You can expect some physical activity, but the amount of running is up to you.  If you want to win the race, expect to do some running. If you're out for a fun afternoon and you aren't concerned about where you finish, expect some mild to moderate activity. 

3. We would like to do the race, but $100 is more than we would usually pay for a day's activity. What should we do?

We realize $100 is not a small sum. We encourage teams to obtain a sponsor or sponsors - consider what family/friends, or even a business, who might like to sponsor you! 

4. How long with the race last?  

Teams who are racing quickly can expect the race to last approximately 2 hours. Teams who plan to take their time can expect about 3 hours. 

5. What do the proceeds of this event go toward?

The proceeds of this race contribute to the adoption expenses of adopting our child from China. International adoption involves a number of expenses, including care of the child, agency fees, travel costs, and medical costs. 

6. We will be gone the day of the race, but we would like to contribute to your cause. Is that possible?

It sure is! Donations can be made out to the Ryan and Lindsey Wood Adoption fund and sent to Marine Bank & Trust in Carthage, IL.  

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