Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why I like Winter

I was recently asked if I was going to continue blogging.  I was (pleasantly?!) surprised anyone noticed I had taken a hiatus.  But the break was actually quite unintentional.   Life on a farm is active during the summer.  But the speed of life shifts into high gear starting in September.  Ry's pulling long hours at the farm...I'm trying to keep our household in order...Just doesn't leave much time for sharing thoughts and giving updates on the blog. :) 

Thankfully the pace of life starts to slow...probably starting in December.  

And we make it to January.  Now folks have different feelings about January.  Some associate January with new beginnings and the new year.  Others see it through the bleakness of winter.  

I have experienced both viewpoints at different times.  Yet at this stage in life, I like January.  And for the most part, I like winter.  Here's why - winter seems to me to be the longest stretch of time throughout the year where farmers are able to spend time at home.  Simply put, Ryan's home.  An added bonus - the frigid weather gives us good reason to cuddle up with each other and hot chocolate.  Now really, what could be better?  

Not to beat a dead horse here, but anyone else notice the majority of farmers get married during winter?  (And the other 5% get married in late July/August?)  This is no coincidence.  

Now, do I like everything about winter?  No.  But on the whole, winter provides opportunities for things we just can't enjoy throughout the rest of the year.  If you will allow me to elaborate - 

sledding | hot chocolate and other hot beverages | the beauty of snow and ice-covered landscapes | fireplaces | snowball fights | Being bundled up for winter walks | four-wheeling in the snow | Enjoyable travel to warm climates 

We anticipate enjoying a number of those this winter.  Two in particular. 

Despite the 11 degree temperature, Ryan and I went four-wheeling in the snow this afternoon.  Much to his amazement, this was my idea.  My winter-worthy apparel included cuddle duds (Your Nana's version of long-johns) and two stocking hats under my hood.  [No selfie provided.]  Unfortunately, I was only able to withstand about seven minutes of drift-busting before succumbing to the elements.  Incredibly, the arctic weather seemed  lost on our Lab/Husky pup, Kinze, who had the vigor of a pup half her age as she bounded through drifts alongside me.   

Additionally, we will be joining a mission team going to Benjamin Constant, Amazonas, Brazil.  We are excited and privileged to learn from the missionaries and Brazilian believers there, and with the Lord's help, we hope to share His love in word and deed.  Among other things, our trip plans include building a church in a village along the Amazon River.  Please pray for us, that we will be useful servants to the Lord and the missionaries.  Below you will see our team photo and map marking Benjamin Constant.  We will use this blog to provide updates about the trip.  

May you enjoy this winter and stay cozy with your loved ones!

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