Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When the Chickens are Chicken...

With all the snow and colder temps that have stuck around from the end of December through the beginning of this year, the chickens (until today) have been hesitant...squeamish...well, just plain CHICKEN about coming out of the coop!  

Here they are on New Year's Day - perched on the threshold of the chicken door.  I imagine their conversation to be like kids looking outside on a cold winter day, wondering if it's going to be worth their while to go out and play when it's down-right frigid out there.  The hens ultimately decided that it was not worth their while.  Which, in some ways, may have been correct since there would be no worm for the early bird to get.  

Despite the fact that all our hens are "winter hardy", my guess is they're all wishing they had flown south with the rest of the snow birds.  

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Rochelle said...

Teehee, this made me giggle. :)