Friday, November 30, 2012

our little country Christmas tree

Ryan and I have made it a tradition the last couple years to get our Christmas tree from the wild and overgrown fields near his farm.  We love that the trees are free (!) and that they are fresh and rustic. 
The process is really a hunt.  We're looking for the diamond in the rough.  The beauty that has an unusually lovely shape and character given its rough surroundings and environment.  

So last Sunday Ryan and I piled into his big truck and took off for the field.  I immediately spotted what I thought was a good candidate.  But after some deliberation, we decided to keep going.  And on and on we rolled...through waist-high weeds and thorny brush, past countless cedar trees.  Our conversation went about like this -

"Hmm, what do you think about that one?"  "It's a little thin...let's keep going."
"See that one over there...the tall one...what do you think?"  "Hmm...I think we can find better."
"Now here's an option."  "It's not bad, but I'm not sold yet."  

And here's Ryan enthusiastically partaking in the hunt...

This went on for a good 15 minutes.  When we were about ready to go back to one that we'd passed a bit before, we stumbled upon "The One"...Somewhat petite, symmetrical, and green.  Looking closer, it even had a few blue berries.  That's the One!  
(It looks like she's got a crazy top, but that's just another tree behind her)

Here we are together. :)


Did I mention that one benefit of a wild cedar is its open branch structure and light weight?  
But of course, this one was very, very heavy.  It just looks light because my man's so strong. :)  
yep. that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. 

So anyway, we brought her home, cleaned out a few of the dead branches and things that tend to compile when you're a tree in the middle of fallow field, and set her on the stand.  

After a few lights, some ribbon, and ornaments, she has lit up our home and hearts. 


Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL--BEAUTIFUL!! What a fun adventure!! Thanks for sharing with us!!--Grandma A.

Keeping Calm to Carry On said...

Ryan's facial expressions are great! And I love seeing a hint of the home you have made. The chalkboard next to the tree is great too - so creative! Love you!

Unknown said...

LOVE! I think I would have been out hunting a lot longer than 15 minutes though. The indecisiveness thing you know... ;)

A said...


This is Abigail Crenshaw...soon to be Abigail Eades as of Saturday (Dec. 15). I love your tree! My fiancé is a part-time cattle farmer and we got a very similar tree (cedar) off his farm land this year! My decorated tree looks very much like yours and I love that it is free, has character, and came from our land :). I enjoy reading your blog! We are getting married in five days and after the honeymoon I will start my own life on the farm. I hope you are well!

~ Abigail